What Is A Rated Driver

What Is A Rated Driver

What Is A Rated Driver

One important question to ask when shopping for auto insurance is, what is a rated driver? There is some confusion about this question and some even believe that it refers to a person who has a good driving record or has been a safe driver. However, that is not the case. A rating driver is any driver who is on the insurance policy, has coverage elsewhere and who is regularly drives any of the automobiles on that policy. The second type of driver covered by an auto insurance policy is a permissive user. A permissive user is any driver who is listed on the policy but who has not met any of the auto insurance policy requirements. In other words, this would be anyone who does not follow all of the traffic laws and who has a history of being a reckless or even drunken driver. A permissive driver is almost always the named insured or sometimes their spouse who is most often the primary driver listed on the policy. So what is a rating driver anyway? A racing driver, according to an insurance company is any individual who has a clean record. That means no speeding tickets, no accidents and certainly no cataract surgery or any other type of corrective eye surgery that would keep them from obtaining insurance. The insurance company does not care what a person wears. They only care if the individual can safely operate any vehicle on any road.

So, when you are searching for an insurance company to take the time to ask what is a rated driver. You will discover several questions to answer depending on what kind of driving record of the individual has. If the individual has a good driving record they are likely regarded as a safe driver. Any auto insurance company would rather insure someone with a clean driving record than one that has an accident or any tickets against his or her name. Please note that regardless of what kind of drivers license an individual may have whether it be a driver’s license automobile registration or even a learner’s permit there will be a risk associated with any type of driving. Just because an individual is not insured by a large company such as Allstate or GEICO does not mean they are safe drivers. Any auto insurance company will consider any driving record a factor in determining an individual risk. An unrated driver may have numerous accidents on their record already. In addition to this unrated drivers are more likely to get into auto accidents because they are often uninsured. This means they do not carry enough coverage to pay for any damages they cause to another vehicle.

What Is A Rated / Permissive Driver 

What is a permissive driver? A permissive driver is one who is listed on their own personal policy as a low risk driver but whose insurance premium is significantly higher than any other driver on the same policy. Some examples of people who would fall into this category include teen drivers who are not yet licensed drivers or those who have had problems with moving out of the family home. A permissive policy makes it very easy for the insurer to insure someone and therefore gives them an upper hand in any negotiations with a potential insurer. These policies are also very popular among what is a regular access insurance company because they do not require a much larger deductible, which makes it more affordable for the insurers.

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