Car Maintenance Cost Per Year

Car Maintenance Cost Per Year

car maintenance cost per year

Car maintenance costs have been rising steadily over the last year, really 10 years as vehicles have become more complicated. While the manufacturer’s official recommended mileage is 55 thousand miles, most people tend to drive much longer than this and will probably be surprised at their car maintenance cost per year. It is usually far less than they expect. One of the largest factors in car maintenance costs is the type of vehicle you drive. A four-door sedan is going to cost far less to fix than a coupe. The size and weight of the vehicle will also reduce repair costs. The less expensive vehicle has a lower profile meaning that it will take more repairs. As a general rule larger vehicles need more expensive repairs. You should also keep the engine size you have down to size. Keeping your car clean is another way to save money on repairs. A car maintenance checklist will list each item that needs checked. Keeping your vehicle clean will prevent costly breakdowns due to dirty fluids or overheating of the engine. It is a good idea to have a can filled with driveway cleaner in case your vehicle breaks down on the highway.

what maximizes car maintenance cost per year

Fuel efficiency is another factor in car maintenance costs. The larger the engine the more fuel it will require. Some diesel engines have higher fuel efficiency than others, so this will affect the cost of repairs. Check the tank level of your diesel engine on a regular basis to make sure it is not empty. If you find that it is empty then you may need to refill the tank to get maximum fuel efficiency. Owning a car makes sense as long as you are responsible for basic maintenance. It may be true that owning a car will save you money but you have to consider what it is doing to your monthly budget. Gasoline prices have recently increased in price but there are also several other factors to consider when owning a vehicle. An effective car maintenance routine will allow you to keep your vehicle on the road longer and help to minimize the maintenance costs associated with owning one. Remember that the cost of owning a car is dependent upon the maintenance of the vehicle. If you take care of minor problems early then it will save you money in the long run. If you do not perform annual inspections then you will need to perform more regularly scheduled inspections to keep up with the changing oil needs and to ensure the smooth running of your vehicle. Finding an affordable routine car maintenance cost per year is possible if you take some time to learn about the different parts and items that go into the annual auto maintenance routine. Hopefully you have learned how to decrease your maintenance cost per year.

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